About Me and My Writing

Terry James was born and raised in Northwest Ohio on September of 1972. Throughout his life, he had always dreamed of becoming a writer and following in the foot steps of some of his favorites such as Douglas Adams. It wasn’t until 2013 when he finally decided to make that dream come true with the release of his first title, “Tabloid Tabby Book 1: The Hunchback of Eerie County High School”. Though the book connected and was loved by thoughs that read it, ongoing disputes between him and publisher, American Star Books, began to take a toll and the project was all but nearly abandoned.

That was until early 2015, when Terry James finally was able to sever his ties with the publisher. James then re-edited the work, added some additional content, and revamped the cover and title and re-released the book under the new, improved, and appropriate title, “Tabby and The Hunchback of Eerie County High”. Since then he has also published his second book of the series, “Tabby and The Dissolution of April”, and is a short time away from his third novel which is a prequel to the first two books entitled, “Deceased Denise” coming August of 2015.

When not writing, James is a employee of the United States Postal Service. He is married to his lovely wife, Robin, and has 5 children: Shelbi, Dallas, Paige, Kailee, and Addy. He is still a big reader who enjoys books by fellow authors Andy Peloquin and Jim Beard. He is also a huge Star Wars fan, loves Disney animated movies, and Japanese Anime.

You can follow him and his “Tales from Eerie County” series @ http://www.facebook.com/talesfromeeriecounty or on Twitter @authorjamest

This site is completely dedicated to planting the seeds of ideas I use when I write my novels. I find that short stories often flourish into bigger thoughts and ideas. One of these entries may one day end up on an Amazon page as a full fledged novel. For now, it is just a fledgling thought.


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